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Capturing the essence of the capital

As Hanoi develops apace, finding the perfect location as a resident so you can savour its architectural heritage and inherent charmas in the 21 century is harder than ever. However, Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence located on the south bank of West Lake has struck the perfect balance by offering residents easy access to ther capital’s historic heart as well as five star level luxury amenities.


Savouring Hanoi’s Unique Beauty

Development is rife in Hanoi but it is still easy to admire what has always set this city apart not just in southeast Asia, but from the rest of the world. The city’s distinct beauty and inherent charms can be found everywhere. Newcomers to the city should take the time to circumnavigate the colossal West Lake. On a hazy summer’s day, the water still glimmers, and ambling along the blak, you will see how locals flock to the edge of the lake. Some come to exercise, some come to fish. Some come to catch a gentle breeze on their faces. Some come to while away the afternoon, sip on a cooling drink, or feast at a seafood restaurant.

All around the lake, you will see hoards of people entering temples and pagodas, a reminder that even in the 21st century, ancient traditions prevail. Young lovers flock here, too. They sit, snuggling while perched on motorbikes, or pose for photographs in a field of lotuses. The lotus, a symbol of purity, has a poetic power that can lure Hanoians of all ages from all across the Vietnamese capitals

Hồ Tây

Away from the lake, you can wander down the salubrious Phan Dinh Phung street, a wonderful, distinct treelined avenue peppered with stately French colonial period buildings and shaded by towering Sau trees that offer up an edible, if sour, green fruit that is added to drinks and hot soups by Hanoians.

In September, when autumn is in the air, the paths will be paved with a carpet of yellow Sau leaves, while cycling vendors with conical hats call out that they are selling ‘com’ (young, green rice — a seasonal delicacy) that come wrapped in lotus leaves, making it the most Hanoian of treats.

Phan Dinh Phung leads you in the direction of Hoang Dieu Street, another grand, treelined boulevard, where you will find some of Hanoi’s most outstanding historical sites (Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Doan Mon (the main gate of the citadel)) and more French colonial period architecture, all just around the corner from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This part of Hanoi alone could easily tell us the history of the capital.

THE ELEGANCE OF HANOI In terms of its history and architecture, Hanoi is undoubtedly a city rich in heritage, but the residents play their part, contributing to the capital’s elegance and spirit. Throughout the city, you will see vendors selling flowers from the back of their bicycles. On bustling streets, you will see carefully manicured balconies, and hear the chirping of birds sitting in handcrafted cages.

Hanoians are deeply passionate people, too. If you wander down to Bat Dan Street in the Old Quarter, watch how locals queue for a bowl of pho bo (beef noodle soup) and slurp it down with immense satisfaction. In Autumn, you will see huge queues of people outside Bao Phuong shop on Thuy Khue street where freshly made mooncakes (a savoury delicacy enjoyed during the mid-Autumn festival).

The allure of such sights and the city’s enchanting nature, not to mention the charming people, has the power to convert newcomers and visitors into honorary Hanoians. Loving Hanoi can feel like an addiction.

For many, the heart of Hanoi is to be found in the Old Quarter. It is still a truly fascinating part of the city, but it is also congested and overcrowded. It has, alas, become close to impossible to find quiet places, where residents might while away an afternoon, gracefully or thoughtfully.

The city is also expanding to the west, creating a new Central Business District to accommodate a wave of investors. Yet the neon lights and modernity of the western part of the capital feel at odds with the more historic charm of Hanoi that residents adore so much.

A HANOI WITHIN HANOI Thankfully, there is a place where we can enjoy a close relationship with Hanoi’s most charming locations while also enjoying modern amenities and luxury comforts. In one of the city’s most greenest areas – nestled between Bach Thao botanic gardens and West Lake – Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence is one of the most luxurious living spaces in Hanoi. It is considered to be the ideal living space with a design and amenities worthy of a five-star resort.

Sun Grand Thụy Khuê

Facing Bach Thao botanic gardens, and just five minutes walk of West Lake, every morning, the residents if Sun Grand City can jog in the gardens or enjoy the calmness of the lake. Through wide-open windows, residents can even relish the sound of birds chirping or watch as the squirrels scamper into the trees – sights and sounds many would expect in the heart of the city.

Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence offers a variety of apartments suitable for couples and families of all sizes. The cleverly designed duplexes offer large families great convenience with shared and separated areas.

Nhà mẫu A04 Chung Cư Sun Grand City

Residents will enjoy stellar views of Hanoi, literally raising their quality of life to a completely new level. The overall design has also left 45 per cent of the total 15,000 square metres for landscape and community spaces meaning residents of all ages can find areas to relax as well as swimming pools, restaurants and other five-star facilities. Considering the 500-hectare West Lake and the 10ha-botanic gardens, residents will be living in the greenest, most spacious, and airy part of the city.

In the near future, the Bach Thao metro station will give residents even more convenience. In the meantime, commercial centres, embassies, offices, schools, hospitals, entertainment centres and healthcare services are all within easy access, making Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence an ideal location in the heart of Hanoi’s most elegant and peaceful area.

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