Bill Bensley, the creator of architectural masterpieces

One of the “super hot” events, which has received a lot of attention from the domestic media recently, is the wedding of “female martial artist” Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran – one of the most famous and beautiful couples in Vietnamese Showbiz. Their wedding will be held at Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsular Resort – one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, which was created by the great architect, “Resort king” Bill Bensley. Few people may know that in order to convince the “resort king” to cooperate with him, the leader of Sun Group had to fly 3 times from Da Nang to Bangkok – Thailand to meet and discuss with him. It’s like the story of Liu Bei who went to the cottage three times to invite Zhuge Liang to the mountain. Appreciated by the mind, vision and sincerity from the Sun Group, Bill Bensley agreed to cooperate and start to create a series of super tourist products that make tourists around the world surprised and overwhelmed.

Bill Bensley and the journey to become “Resort king”

Bill Bensley (born February 2nd, 1959) is an American landscape architect and interior designer. He was born and raised on a small farm in Orange County, California. Bill Bensley graduated from Magnolia High School (California) and chose to study Landscape Architect, first at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (abbreviated Cal Poly Pomona) and then at Harvard. He won a full scholarship to Harvard University and the highest award of the American Society of Landscape Architects while still at school.
Bill Bensley

After receiving a master’s degree in urban design in 1984, Bill Bensley spent a lot of time traveling around Europe and then Southeast Asia – The place that brought Bill Bensley’s fame and peak career.

After a few years working in Hong Kong and Singapore, in 1989, he founded Bensley Design Studios in Thailand specializing in designing luxury resorts and then a branch in Bali in 1990, which sets the stepping stone of Bill Bensley’s journey to become “Resort king”.

With unlimited creativity, and a deep understanding of the history and culture of many countries, Bill Bensley has created architectural masterpieces with the philosophy of creating green gardens and sustainable conservation as well as the natural ecosytem. His works all have their own imprint and attraction, such as: Four Seasons Resorts in Hawaii and Thailand; St. Regis Bali – Bali; Indigo Pearl – Phuket Thailand; Mandarin Oriental, Sanya – China; Shinta Mani Club – Laos, etc.

With the design of hundreds of luxury resorts and hotels in countries around the world, in November 2021, Bill Bensley was evaluated as the number 1 architect in Asia by Asia Spa Magazine. Bill Bensley was also voted as one of the top 5 designers in the hotel industry in the world by TIME Magazine, this magazine also called him “resort king”. He was also recognized as one of the top 100 most creative people in the world by Fast Company. Architectual Digest magazine rated Bill Bensley as the person who changed the design thinking of Resorts and Spas around the world and ranked him in the Top 5 of the world’s top architects for four consecutive years. He also entered the prestigious Architectural Digest 100 list with the title of the world’s leading architect and designer.

Bill Bensley accompanies Sun Group to create architectural masterpieces in Vietnam

Combining the “heart”, the “vision” of Sun Group, the beautiful natural beauty of Vietnam, and the world-recognised talent, Bill Bensley and Sun Group have created many super extremely luxurious and high-class architectural products throughout 3 regions of the country.

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsular Resort

This is the first project that Bensley cooperated with Sun Group to carry out in Vietnam. Inspired by the rich culture, history and typical architecture of Vietnam, Bensley has cleverly brought all the cultural and architectural features of the Northern countryside, Hoi An ancient town and Hue royal palace into the unspoiled natural landscape of Son Tra peninsula, creating a unique but also fully preserve the natural landscape.

This work has helped him win many prestigious awards in the field of architecture and tourism in the world such as reaching a record when being the only resort in the world for 4 consecutive years from 2014-2017 to be honored by the World Travel Awards – the world’s most luxurious resort, Asia’s most eco-friendly resort; Asia’s most romantic resort, etc. This is also the place of honor when it was selected to host the 2017 APEC summit.

Jw Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay

JW Marriott Phú Quốc Resort is the only luxury resort located at Bai Khem, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. The building has a unique architecture that combines East-West culture with youthful and outstanding colors, recreating the 18 classrooms of Lamarck University in the early twentieth century. With a diverse and rich system of rooms and facilities and world-class international brands managed by Marriott International Group, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Resort will make guests staying here immerse themselves in extremely luxurious opulent, lavish and splendid experiences. This is also a project that has won many noble awards such as: New World-class Resort 2017; The world’s most luxurious theme resort 2018; The world’s leading luxury island resort and villa 2018; etc.

Sun Signature Gallery

Opened at the end of 2021, Sun Signature Gallery impresses visitors not only by its grandeur in the sea and sky of Phu Quoc with unique architectural lines and novel patterns, but also as a museum which keeps Mid Century Modern art alive, unique in the heart of the Mediterranean Town. Not only that, Sun Signature Gallery can also organize major festivals, events and conferences in Phu Quoc thanks to owning a Ballroom equipped with a modern sound and light system. It has a huge capacity up to 1000 people. Sun Signature Gallery is expected to become a new symbolic work and an attraction and welcome place for international-scale events, exhibitions and festivals on Ngoc Phu Quoc Island.

Capella Hotel Hanoi

Located at 11 Le Phung Hieu – the most beautiful street of Hanoi capital, Capella Hotel Hanoi is inspired by the Hanoi Opera House. With magnificent architecture, combined with modern amenities and personalized services, Capella Hanoi will bring visitors the most classy and sophisticated experiences in the heart of the bustling and bustling capital.

Hotel De La Coupole Sa Pa

Hotel De La Coupole Sa Pa is located in Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province, this is the first international hotel in Sa Pa. The project is a combination of the vibrant Northwest culture and the charming and sophisticated beauty of the West to bring visitors extremely different experiences that promise to contribute to bringing Sapa tourism to a higher level.

It can be said that the combination of Bill Bensley and Sun Group has contributed to bringing Vietnam’s resort tourism to an international level, and also brought great expectations for the next cooperation projects between Bill Bensley and Sun Group in the future.

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