Capella Hanoi Hotel – a masterpiece in the heart of the magnificent capital

Hanoi capital with a history of “thousand years of civilization” has always been an attractive destination for tourists with architectural and cultural features that cannot be confused with any other place. With the prosperous and dynamic life of a growing city day by day, Hanoi not only has the old features of the old town, historical relics of feudal dynasties, but also many works of art. The modern process is extremely luxurious and magnificent. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Capella Hanoi Hotel – one of the architectural masterpieces in the heart of the magnificent capital.

Located at 11 Le Phung Hieu, one of the most beautiful streets and located in the heart of the capital, guests staying at Capella Hanoi Hotel only take less than 5 minutes to walk to Hoan Kiem Lake – symbol of Hanoi capital.

The first impression of visitors when coming to Capella Hanoi is the magnificent architecture inspired by the Hanoi Opera House. This is one of the pinnacle creative products of the world’s leading architect, “Resort king” Bill Bensley, who has designed the top luxury resorts in Vietnam and the world such as Intercontinental Danang Sun. Peninsular Resort; Jw Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Sun Signature Gallery Phu Quoc; Hotel De La Coupole Sapa, etc.

This is also the most luxurious and classy hotel project in the hotel and resort collection of Sun Group. Moreover, Capella Hanoi is also operated by Capella Hotel Group (CHG) – one of the world’s leading prestigious hotel groups from Singapore, making Capella Hanoi the leading luxury hotel brand in Vietnam, which was only released in April 2021. This is also the first project of CHG Group in Vietnam.

Capella Hanoi was built as a luxurious, elegant, high-art 5-star boutique hotel in harmony with the ancient and gentle look of the center of Hanoi. From the outside, the hotel with the main colors of yellow, white, and cream is a combination of the nostalgia of French architecture and the elegant and liberal space of old Indochinese architecture. (Sketch by architect Bill Bensley)

Stepping inside, visitors are immediately attracted and overwhelmed by four impressive large statues named Carotids by Bill Bensley, located right in the elevator lobby. This is a typical architectural feature, indispensable in the heyday of great theater designs.

Classical art and architecture is celebrated in every corner of Capella Hanoi. With a very unique and sophisticated design and decoration style, Capella Hanoi will take visitors back in time to the rendezvous behind the stage, where artists and legendary names gather in its most glorious period. Diva’s Lounge bar with sophisticated wooden furniture and warm red velvet tones creates an atmosphere that is both classic and luxurious, inspired by the stories of famous female Divas in the 20s. It is where visitors sip cocktails while enjoying classic music. Auriga Spa is a perfect combination of tropical architecture and patterns with splendid colors and regal patterns according to Vietnamese royal architecture. Walking along the corridor to the Backstage restaurant, visitors will be like famous artists walking among the flash lights from the painting simulating the paparazzi. Stepping into the Backstage restaurant with the interior decorated by chests, performance costumes, etc. with red velvet colors, diners will experience cozy meals and a lavish space like where artists gather, make up and relax behind the scenes.

Capella Hanoi owns only 47 rooms and suites with personalized services for each guest, there is no repetition among any rooms here. Each room is associated with the name of a famous artist or a legend from the past with custom designed furniture, artist portraits painted by artist Kate Spencer and spaces expressing personality and passion, recreating the life stories of the artist..

With impressive design and services, although it has not been around for a long time, Capella Hanoi has attracted the attention of the world media when Time magazine of America mentioned Capella Hanoi as one of the greatest destinations in the world in 2021, and Destin Asian magazine honored this hotel as one of the “Best New Hotels in Asia – Pacific” in The Luxe List 2021. This is an affirmation of the luxury level of Capella Hanoi.

List of awards at Capella Hanoi

Prize Details
Suggestions from Time magazine Time magazine recommends Sun Group hotels when coming to Vietnam
Best Hotel in Asia-Pacific (The Luxe List) Best new hotel in Asia – Pacific

With modern facilities and sophisticated, luxurious, personalized services and managed by the world’s leading prestigious hotel management group CHG, with the same brand name as the investor Sun Group, Capella Hanoi deserves to be a masterpiece worthy of the history and cultural depth of the thousand-year-old capital.

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