Hon Thom cable car

As an attractive experience that every tourist wants to try when coming to Phu Quoc, Hon Thom cable car is considered as a new tourist icon in the south of Pearl Island, where thousands of tourists are welcomed every day. So what makes this cable car system so special and attractive?

Hon Thom Cable Car

Officially opened on February 4th, 2018, Hon Thom cable car complex is regarded as a tourism symbol in the south of Phu Quoc island. The cable car route departs from Mediterranean town, An Thoi ward, crosses the sea to take tourists through Hon Dua and Hon Roi islands and to the paradise island of Hon Thom.

  • Journey of the whole route: 7899.9 meters
  • The tallest tower: 174m
  • Number of cabins: 70 cabins
  • Capacity in each cabin: 30 people
  • Movement speed: 8.5m/s
  • Total investment capital: 4,900 billion VND
  • Consultant: Doppelmayr (Switzerland)

The cable car route is a product of Sun Group – a leading unit in the field of real estate resort in Vietnam. Sun Group has cooperated with the famous cable car manufacturing and construction unit, Doppelmayr to ensure that the cable car operates smoothly, without shaking, and is absolutely safe for visitors.

Safety and utility standards at Hon Thom cable car route

With the design and implementation consultancy of the famous Doppelmayr corporation in Switzerland, the journey across the sea with Hon Thom cable car will be an extremely smooth and safe experience. Multi-core cable car technology, moving shaft, cable position sensing technology … are the most modern safety technologies equipped on each Hon Thom cable car cabin.

In order to bring the smoothest and safest cable car journey, the entire Hon Thom cable car route is equipped with a multi-axle cable car including a bearing shaft in the center, surrounded by a special rubber layer to protect and reduce pressure. The final shock is a metal cover that has both a bearing effect and a protective effect.

Details of safety technology on each cable at Hon Thom Cable Car

  • Guaranteed operating temperature: -40° C to +50° C
  • Transport capacity: 25000 tons
  • Meets all weather conditions including rain, snow, ice, hail, lightning
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Sensors assess and determine cable safety conditions

In addition to safety technology for each cable, the Doppelmayr group also brings its latest designs to help each traveler have the most comfortable journey. Those are the cabins designed to bring a panoramic view or a multi-point shaft structure…

  • High-grade aluminum frame cabin with high load capacity, lightweight and durability
  • Panorama glass brings 360 degree view
  • Smart design to meet all weather conditions
  • Exclusive, smooth and safe shaft connection

These are just a few technologies that make your cable car journey more comfortable, convenient and safe. There are many other modern technologies that Sun Group and its partner Doppelmayr have equipped such as a management, monitoring and operation center, a system of automatic safety, etc. which we cannot mention in this article.

Operation schedule of Hon Thom cable car

When you want to travel to Phu Quoc, you should book and buy tickets in advance to visit places you want to go. With Hon Thom cable car ticket, you should also buy before going through ticket agents. This way will help you buy tickets faster, cheaper and also it does not take too long to wait like buying directly.

Hon Thom cable car operates from 9am to 6pm daily. Especially in 2022, the Hon Thom cable car route has expanded its schedule with the last trip (Sunset Cable Car), which will run from 17:45 to 18:00 to help visitors freely enjoy the sunset of Phu Quoc right on their trip.

Price list for Hon Thom cable car

To explore and experience the journey across the sea by Hon Thom cable car, you can buy tickets directly at the ticket counter at Sun World Departure Station or buy tickets directly through the website.

Sun World Hon Thom always has special promotions for its lovely visitors, so to be able to update information about preferential fares and cable car operating schedule as accurately as possible. Contact us via hotline: 0866045888 for direct advice.

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