Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc

Hon Thom Island has an area of 300ha and is the largest island in An Thoi archipelago, Phu Quoc. Hon Thom has long been famous for its poetic natural beauty with its long coastline, fine white sand, and unique climbing cliffs. Before 2018, the poetic beauty of Hon Thom island was almost unknown to many people because of the difficulties in transportation and the limitation of infrastructure in the remote island. However, after 2018 with the world’s longest sea-crossing cable car, Hon Thom island seems to change day by day with modern and vibrant amusement park complexes.

Location of Hon Thom island

5km south of Phu Quoc island, Hon Thom island in An Thoi archipelago includes: Gam Ghi island, Trang island, Mong Tay island, May Rut issland, Dua island, Roi island, Kim Quy island and Thom island.

Vị trí đảo Hòn Thơm

About the itinerary of Hon Thom island in An Thoi ward, Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province.

Map of Hon Thom island

Hon Thom Island has a total area of 300ha, not too large, but is blessed by nature with 4 beautiful beaches: Chuong beach on the east coast, Trao beach, Nam beach on the west coast and Nom beach on the east coast of the island. Thanks to owning up to 04 beaches around the island, coming to Hon Thom island, visitors can feel free to choose a suitable beach in every season of the year.

Not only impressed by the enchanting beaches, coming to Hon Thom, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the vivid and colorful natural beauty with a coral strip stretching for kilometers around the island.

Geographical map of Hon Thom island

The topography of Hon Thom island includes two types of terrain: plain terrain and rocky terrain, in which rocky terrain is distributed mainly on the East coast and in the North of the island. The terrain is sloping, low hills with small elevation has the highest peak at only 107m high. The plain terrain is located mainly in the center of the island with the east-west axis connecting the South beach and Chuong beach.

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Natural conditions of Hon Thom island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Hon Thom Island owns a mild microclimate with an average daily temperature of 24-30 degrees. Similar to Phu Quoc island, Hon Thom island also has two distinct seasons: the rainy season lasts from May to October and the dry season lasts from November to April.

A special feature in the weather of Hon Thom island is that due to its location in the Gulf of Thailand, Hon Thom island is not affected by storms, the climate is mild and the sea has small waves, which is very suitable for tourists. marine recreational activities.

Famous tourist destinations on Hon Thom island

Ky Lan Cape: Located at the northernmost point of Hon Thom island, Ky Lan cape is a rock block with the image of the majestic unicorn mascot, looking up at the sea with its head raised. This is also one of the great coral reef diving sites with colorful and almost preserved coral reefs. As an airtight small bay, the ecosystem at Ky Lan cape is also extremely diverse with many colorful fish species symbiotically and hidden under coral reefs. If you are a person who loves to explore and love the sea, then Ky Lan Cape is an experience not to be missed.

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