Kiss Bridge new tourism symbol in southern Phu Quoc

In 2018, the whole world was extremely impressed with the image of the Golden Bridge lying on the side of a cliff, crossing two giant stone hands with mossy colors. Many famous magazines in Vietnam and abroad also voted the Golden Bridge as “a must-visit tourist destination, a new wonder of the world or a new tourism icon in Da Nang”… That success is the driving force for Sun Group to bring an iconic project to Phu Quoc, a highlight project to bring nature and tourism of Pearl Island to the world and that project is the Kiss Bridge or Kiss Bridge Phu Quoc.

Kiss Bridge

Designed by a talented architect, Italian artistic and cultural ambassador in Vietnam, Mr. Marco Casamonti, Hon bridge is not simply a bridge connecting the two sides of Pearl Island, but also a symbol of cohesion. The connection between people and people and the connection between human and nature.

Hon bridge has a total length of up to 810m, located on the southwest coast of Phu Quoc island. The project has been conceptualized since 2018 but with the responsibility of being a new iconic project to bring Phu Quoc’s image to the world, it took more than 2 years to complete the design and ideation stage. The bridge is built with steel tape with a total volume of up to 5,000 tons of steel, a huge amount of steel, half the amount of steel used to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

There are many highlights of the architectural grandeur in the construction of Hon bridge, but those are not the most prominent ones. Hon bridge is the only bridge that does not connect the two ends of the bridge, but in the middle of the bridge with a 50cm wide gap. This gap on a single occasion of the year from December 24th to January 1st will be filled by the very image of the sun at sunset. At this time, the bridge is full and couples can reach out to embrace their lovers and give each other a passionate kiss under the sunset of Pearl Island. It is where both human and nature seem to be united as one, which is the symbol and highlight that Sun Group wants to convey to every visitor when coming to the southern island.

Inspiration for the design of Hon Bridge – Kiss Bridge

Recently in an interview with Italian TV station TG1, chief architect Marco Casamonti shared his first ideas helping him and his associates design Phu Quoc’s Hon bridge.

Pictures of actual implementation progress at Hon Bridge – Kiss Bridge

In January, the symbolic project of Hon bridge – Kiss Bridge has been in the pressing stage. Right now, the first foundations for a new tourist icon project in the South of Pearl Island have been formed with the day and night efforts of construction units.

Image of Kiss Bridge Phu Quoc

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