Sun Air Airlines

Today, Sun Group officially announced the launch of Sun Air airline. It’s the first luxury airline to offer personalized and specialized premium flight services. The official launch event is expected to be held right in March here in the anticipation of many visitors.

Sun Air

Sharing with the press, Mr. Dang Minh Truong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Group, said: Sun Air aims to serve a group of upper-class customers who want their flights to be fast and luxurious with top class airline services. They can be successful businessmen, financiers, domestic or foreign individuals and organizations on business journeys, luxury resorts, etc.

To meet those needs, Sun Group and Sun Air have planned to exploit many routes to many major markets around the world with business jets, aircrafts with the fastest speed in the world and with luxurious and classy interior equipment.

Overview of Sun Air

  • Trade name: Sun Air Co., Ltd
  • Head office: 13 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Tax code: 0109823604
  • Base airport: Van Don Airport (VDO)
  • Services provided: Aircraft management, charter flights
  • Target market: Asia and Southeast Asia region

Route of flight operations at Sun Air

Sun Air plans to deploy 02 business jet aircraft of the G650ER Gulfstream series right in the third quarter of 2022

In the period of 2023-2025, Sun Air will expand the route with 04 G650ER Gulfstream aircrafts, 01 G700 Gulfstream “flying palace” aircraft, 02 seaplanes and 01 helicopter.

In the next stages, Sun Air plans to deploy more super-large (Ultra Large) and ultra-long-range (Ultra Long Range) aircraft such as Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ, which are considered to be capable of flying, extremely famous and the favorite choice of billionaires in the world.

Overview of selected Sun Air aircraft models

Gulfstream G650ER
Flight distance: 13,890 km
Flight speed: 956 km/h
Seat design: 19 people
Bed design: 10 people
Cabin (W-H-L): 2.49-1.91- 16.33m

Gulfstream 700
Flight distance: 13,890 km
Flight speed: 956 km/h
Seat design: 19 people
Bed design: 13 people
Cabin (W-H-L): 2.49-1.91- 17.35m

Sun Air is working with some partners
De Havilland

Sun Air is working with some partners

For helicopters and seaplanes, Sun Air aims to provide sightseeing services. These will be special experiences, seeing the majestic natural panorama of Vietnam from above in the most luxurious and safe cabins.

Special experiences only at Sun Air

Coming to Sun Air, customers will have a chance to experience the best service on jet planes with outstanding flight speed.

Outstanding flight speed: G650ER Gulfstream or G700 Gulfstream are both jet engines with the fastest flight speed and the ability to fly the longest in the world. Currently, all commercial aircrafts are flying at an average speed of ~800km/h, but with each Gulfstream jet, the average flying speed will be 956km/h, which is 20% faster than conventional aircraft. This greatly reduces the travel time of each passenger. For example, the journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City currently lasts 02 hours, but with Sun Air, it only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The time you save with Sun Air can be up to more than 5 hours on international long-haul flights such as Hanoi – Los Angeles.

G650ER Gulfstream aircraft interior cabin is extremely luxurious and comfortable.

Experience luxury services: choosing Sun Air means that you choose the luxury service package with the smoothest and most comfortable travel journey. All passenger seats are handcrafted with premium natural leather. You can freely choose to adjust yourself to the most comfortable position or turn the chair into a comfortable bed for each long journey.

The cabin space is specially designed with the ability to supply 100% fresh air continuously. Sun Air’s cabin will always be quiet and will always be the quietest in the industry so that passengers never experience fatigue, tinnitus or dizziness.

Image of Sun Air jet

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