Sun Air signed an exclusive representative for Gulfstream brand

Sun Group is one of the leading corporations in Vietnam in the fields of infrastructure investment, high-class real estate and tourism, resort and entertainment. Owning many high-class and luxurious resort projects with luxurious and specialized facilities for the world’s elite, Sun Group has contributed to raising Vietnam’s tourism level in the world tourism market. In order to diversify business fields and catch up with the trends of the Vietnamese elite and the world, on March 23, 2022 Sun Air signed a contract and became the exclusive representative for Gulfstream luxury aircraft brand in Vietnam. The cooperation of Sun Air and Gulfstream has opened a new chapter for Vietnam’s aviation industry.

Sun Air is the pioneer airline in the field of luxury aviation in Vietnam

On March 2, 2022, Sun Air was officially launched by Sun Group, marking Sun Group’s participation in Vietnam’s aviation industry. However, unlike other airlines in Vietnam, Sun Air is the first airline to provide high-class, safe, personalized and specialized flight services in the luxury airline segment.

Sun Air provides two main types of services: charter flights, sightseeing tours, helicopter and seaplane tours, and private aircraft management services.

With Sun Air, Sun Group targets high-class customers (businessmen, tycoons, etc.) who use private jets for travel, work, tourism, project survey, medical treatment, etc. This airline is ready to open its wallet to use special planes with high and long range, fast speed, safety and privacy.

This is a pioneering direction, anticipating the trend showing the right vision and strategy of the leaders of Sun Group.

Gulfstream Aerospace – a giant in the world of luxury aviation

Gulfstream Aerospace is a member of General Dynamics Corporation, one of the oldest American aviation companies, specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of the most luxurious and expensive aircraft on the planet. Gulfstream Aerospace is also the airline that provides the fastest, safest and most private flight service in the world today.

Gulfstream Aerospace is dominating the luxury aviation segment with super aircraft such as: G500, G600; G650ER and “flying palace” G700. Gulfstreams are made with the finest materials, luxuriously designed and personalized interiors, combined with transcontinental range and the most modern technology available today. These are products born to serve the tycoons, the world’s elite. The two richest billionaires in the world, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, have chosen Gulfstream as a means of transportation, which is the clearest demonstration of the class of the “giant” Gulfstream Aerospace.

Sun Air – Gulfstream Aerospace – the perfect combination

For the upper class, a resort is not only about beautiful rooms and scrumptious meals, but also providing personal, quiet, private, and health-promoting experiences. That’s why they are willing to spend heavily on luxury vacations or even own luxury resort villas. Vietnam is now a country with a rapidly increasing number of rich people, one of the top in the world.

By becoming the exclusive representative for Gulfstream in Vietnam, Sun Air will support Gulfstream to develop the market in Vietnam, promote and introduce to potential customers the legendary Gulfstream jet lines. At the same time, it becomes a bridge for the world’s most famous jet airline to reach the Vietnamese elite.

As for Sun Air, when standing on the shoulders of the giant Gulfstream, Sun Air will exploit the world’s “upper-class” planes with outstanding flight speeds, smoothness and ultimate comfort. Sun Air will contribute to diversifying Sun Group’s unique and quality ecosystem of products and services, and at the same time connecting high-class products in the entertainment, resort and real estate ecosystem to create a series of experiences. Upscale luxury, safety and privacy.

The cooperation between Gulfstream’s leading reputation and Sun Group’s premium ecosystem will bring Sun Group and Gulfstream’s best-in-class products closer to the elite in Vietnam and the world, providing customers with unique products and services. experience luxury, even super luxury that not every country in the world has.

After signing an exclusive representative partnership, in the third quarter of 2022, Gulfstream and Sun Air will continue to organize the “Gulfstream Airshow” aircraft exhibition at Van Don International Airport with super aircraft products. G500, G600, G650ER; G700. Van Don international airport will also be the berth for luxury Gulfstream aircraft after being handed over to Sun Air for operation and use.

The combination of Sun Air and Gulfstream promises to form a high-end airline brand in Vietnam, and at the same time create a push, bringing the luxury tourism sector of our country to strong development. At the same time, it also affirms the leading position of Sun Group in Vietnam and the world.

You can refer to the detailed article about Sun Air at the link: Sun Air

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