Sun Signature Gallery – Sun Group Phu Quoc Sales Gallery

Sun Signature Gallery Art Museum respectfully greets you. Welcome to a unique architectural experience where space and color tell the story of iconic buildings with world records and 12 vibrant festive seasons, which is located in the South of Phu Quoc Island.

Sun Signature Gallery

Những hình ảnh đầu tiên tại Sun Signature Gallery Phú Quốc.

Sun Signature Gallery – The Art Museum of Phu Quoc

The Sun Signature Gallery art museum complex, or Sales Center, has a total area of ​​2,500m2, 4 floors high with a total investment of up to 1,000 billion VND. The project started in February 2021 and after only 10 months of construction, the Sun Signature Gallery art museum officially opened to welcome the first visitors right on Christmas Day 2021.

Designed by architect Bill Bensley, Sun Signature Gallery has a Mid Century Modern style with the highlight being an event hall with a capacity of up to 1000 people and an international standard professional sound and lighting system. This is considered as a large “cathedral” capable of hosting national and international events in the future.

Sun Signature Gallery Diagram

Sun Signature Gallery has a 4-storey high design, in which:

Floor 01: Right at the entrance is a luxurious lobby space where visitors will be immediately impressed by the wall paintings showing the connection between human and nature, which Sun Group always aims to show in each project in Phu Quoc.

Sun Signature Gallery reception hall

The central architectural model space

At the most central location, Sun Group brings a large architectural model covering the entire South Island of Phu Quoc. With a large overview model and detailed models for each project, visitors will easily get a feel for the location, scale and development orientations of Sun Group in Phu Quoc in the future. After a few minutes of experience, you can go to the service counter to choose your favorite breakfast dishes or glasses of cool water. Besides, a playroom for children is also cleverly arranged by Sun Group so that the children have their own play space.

Floor 02: If you still have questions or simply want to choose for yourself a product of Sun Group in Phu Quoc, you can come to the 2nd floor. Coming to the 2nd floor, you will have more private space to meet and discuss with the most enthusiastic consultants of the group. Surely all your questions will be answered by the consultants in the most detailed and complete way.

Floor 03: coming to the 3rd floor, you will come to the event hall where customer gratitude events will take place, where the investor listens to comments from lovely customers so that Sun Group can grow day by day.

Images at Sun Signature Gallery

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