Sun Signature Show, the top-notch Kiss the stars water music stage in the Sunset Town Phu Quoc

An alien girl from the vast universe, through a cosmic black hole named Vortex met the love of her life, a Mediterranean boy on Earth. It is wonderful love story, without distance but the climax is their meeting at the two prongs of Proposal – the symbol of eternal love in Phu Quoc Pearl Island. You will witness their love story, it sounds unrealistic, but with the constantly innovative thinking and unlimited creativity of the Sun Group, nothing is impossible. This will be the story that you will see, hear and feel when coming to Sun Signature Show at Sun Premier Village Primavera – Mediterranean through Vortex demonstration technology, the world’s leading technology today with a combination of art, water, sound and light.

Kiss the stars show, fairy tale in the light stage

Vortex in English means “tornado”. As the name suggests, Vortex projection technology will not only give you an ordinary artistic performance, but viewers will feel like they are lost in a “whirlwind” and “spin” with sound effects, images, light, lasers, fire, water and ingenious storytelling. This is one of the most modern projection technologies in the world today. In particular, at the lion island of Singapore, Wings Of Time Singapore and Rain Vortex are two shows using Vortex technology that have brought something new and unique and created a strong attraction for visitors when coming to Singapore. In which, Wings Of Time Singapore with a stage built right on the sea, combined with stereo sound, light, water, fire and other special effects integrated with the natural environment created the shows which are extremely interesting and wonderful in a completely open, comfortable and free space. Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, located in the heart of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport. This structure was designed by the great architect Moshe Safdie with the aim of generating rain water at a rate of 10,000 gallons per minute, the collected water will be reused in the building, while helping to air under the dome. naturally cooled. Not only that, at night, Rain Vortex will become a very unique art performance with music and 360-degree light shining on the waterfall. This is an unforgettable experience for visitors when coming to Jewel Changi Airport.

And in the near future, visitors in Vietnam will be able to see firsthand Vortex technology at Kiss the Stars with shows organized and meticulously staged by Sun Group. With unique visual effects such as projection on the fog, water music technology, laser light technology, fireworks and fire effects reflected on the water surface, a shimmering space combining a love story and a friendship through space will bring visitors a party of sound and light that is top notch, eye-catching and emotional. In particular, the show also mentions the indigenous culture and landmarks, the iconic works that make the name of the Sunset town – Sun Premier Village Primavera more attractive and urge viewers to find out about the local attractions. this location. By bringing Vortex technology to Vietnam, Sun Group has brought the world to Vietnam and helped Vietnamese projects reach the world.

Design for Kiss the stars show

The main stage of the kiss the stars show was built on the water surface with a diameter of up to 100m, a depth of 1m, a volume of 7900m3. This stage is inspired by the spectral image of the deep black holes in the universe, including 3 concentric arcs from large to small arranged in succession from the stage axis to the point of marriage proposal to create depth and feeling for 3D show. The grandstand on the sea can accommodate up to 5000 spectators per turn. The materials for the construction of the project are also seriously focused by Sun Group to avoid the effects of the marine environment causing corrosion and destruction of steel poles and to protect the installed modern equipment but also minimize, avoid affecting the natural environment of Pearl Island.

With an extremely large scale, a Vortex show will need nearly 200 operating personnel and about 60 show actors, and for special shows such as music festivals, fashion shows or beauty contests. Then this number can be up to 240 people depending on the size of the event and the volume of water in the water tank can be up to 5000 – 6000 cubic meters of seawater.

At the same time, in order to ensure smooth operation in sea and island weather conditions, especially on stormy days or stormy weather, high winds, etc., architects must also consider finding methods and technical equipment so that the show still brings the best experience to the audience. This has demonstrated the high technical level of the technical team as well as the meticulous preparation, enthusiasm and unlimited creativity of Sun Group people. Therefore, Kiss the Stars Show deserves to be one of the largest and world-class Vortex shows.

It can be said that along with Cau Hon, Vortex technology shows will leave unforgettable impressions in the hearts of every visitor and will be the next tourism icons in the South of Phu Quoc.

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