Sun Waterfall, a new masterpiece on top of Ba Na

After a quiet period due to the Covid 19 epidemic, as well as being invested by Sun Group with great resources to upgrade and expand, Sun World Ba Na Hills is ready to return with a new version that is superior in both quality and quantity. Especially in the “golden time” for the holidays of April 30 and May 1, visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills will surely be surprised by a fresh and interesting Ba Na with a series of works, new and unique items such as: Moon Castle, European Medieval Traditional Wooden Horse Wheel, 2 Airship theaters and 5D cinema, 430m long climbing train route, … Including one project which promises to create a great resonance, becoming a tourism symbol as a second “Golden Bridge”, which is Sun Waterfall – a new masterpiece on top of Ba Na.

With the philosophy of constantly innovating, bringing the world to Vietnam and bringing Vietnam to the world, Sun Group has cooperated with Frilli Gallery – the famous Italian family in the field of bronze casting and marble carving, with more than 150 years of history to create the masterpiece of Sun Waterfall.

Located on the ancient Moron square of Ba Na French Village, Sun Waterfall, after being launched, has become the most prominent work among the complex of ancient European architectural works. This is a complex of more than 40 golden statues with the theme of ancient Greek mythology, recreating works kept in major museums around the world, meticulously arranged along the steps of the waterfall. All the statues at Sun Falls are life-like in size and are dressed in a special golden alloy, which only the Frilli Gallery family can successfully craft. With the traditional wax bronze casting technique from the Renaissance period, combined with a special patented gold alloy, the statues at Sun Waterfall appear extremely splendid, sophisticated and regal, which will make visitors feel overwhelmed, as if they are entering the “party of the gods”.

True to the name of Sun Waterfall, the most prominent highlight in the ensemble of golden statues here is the Sun God – King Helios on his chariot, led by five majestic steeds riding on the waves to move forward. This is a worldwide exclusive work, ordered by Frilli from Susan Leyland – an expert in British horse sculpture, whose name alone is enough to guarantee the class and sophistication of each artwork.

Around King Helios are 07 statues of Venus (Venus) simulating famous statues around the world such as Venus de Medici covering her breast with her hand (currently kept in Florence); Christophe’s Bathing Venus – Gabriel Allegrain (currently located at the Louvre Museum, France); Venus Kallipygos – Venus is looking at her own hips (located at the National Archaeological Museum of Italy) or Venus Frejus wears a thin robe and only shows one breast;… Any beauty lover would dream of once seeing these masterpieces of mankind, but now, all of them are reproduced to every detail in front of visitors right at the central cluster of statues of the fountain.

Not only that, present at the “party of the gods” at Sun Waterfall were a series of other important gods of Roman mythology such as: Apollo, the God of Light; Triton – son of the sea god Poseidon; Bacchus (God of wine) or Athena (Goddess of wisdom and war).

Among these gods, the light god Apollo represents harmony, order and reason, the embodiment of the ability to ward off disasters, modeled after the marble statue of Apollo Belvedere at the Vatican. Accordingly, the god Apollo appeared with his eyes looking straight ahead, wearing a cape, wearing an arrow on his back and standing with his back facing the green and ancient Morin hotel. Triton – son of the sea god Poseidon – one of the three strongest gods of Olympus is depicted with muscular muscles, curly hair and silver beard fighting with sea monsters, symbolizing the desire to fight victory, mastering the nature of mankind.

With an extremely unique, luxurious and classy design, Sun Waterfall will definitely create a fever on this occasion of April 30 to May 1. Together with the Golden Bridge, the Sun Waterfall will create new tourism icons, bring Vietnam’s tourism to the world, and make Sun World Ba Na Hills a destination not to be missed in the life of domestic tourists and the world.

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