Sun World Fansipan Legend

Located in the southwest of Sa Pa town, Sun World Fansipan Legend is a complex of cultural tourism, entertainment and resort projects developed by Sun Group. Coming to Sun World Fansipan Legend, you will have the opportunity to experience the cable car journey to reach the roof of Indochina, worship at Bich Van Thien Tu or simply relax with Sapa on the Muong Hoa train.

Sun World Fansipan Legend

Map of Sun World Fansipan Legend

Coming to Sun World Fansipan, visitors will come on a journey to discover and experience the majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains on ancient trains or go beyond the clouds on cable car cabins of Vietnamese and built by Vietnamese people.

The journey of discovery begins at Sapa Station where visitors experience the beauty of the customs and culture of the Northwest. By Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, visitors will come to Hoang Lien Son Station where festivals take place all year round, where flower gardens bloom brilliantly in a corner of the mountains. The last station is Fansipan Station, the roof of Indochina where the mountains and the sky meet.

Fansipan cable car

The roof of Indochina, Fansipan peak is the place where every visitor wants to set foot on once, and with the Fansipan cable car route, it will take you less than 20 minutes to conquer the top of Fansipan. The 20-minute journey with Fansipan cable car will not only be moving, but will be an experience with many levels of emotions with the beginning of being amazed at the scenery of the Northwest from a height of more than 1000m and then being overwhelmed when crossing the cloud and finally the admiration for the people of Sun Group

Sun World Fansipan Legend holds 2 Guinness records: The three-wire cable car has the largest difference between the departure and arrival stations in the world: 1410m and the longest three-wire cable car in the world: 6292.5m

Cáp Treo Fansipan

Fansipan cable car ticket price

The above ticket price list is for reference only. The detailed cable car ticket price from time to time will change with promotions.

To update ticket prices as well as promotions, please contact holine: 0948309999

Currently, Sun World Fansipan has also sold cable car tickets online. You can buy tickets online at the link: Book cable car tickets Online

Muong Hoa mountain climbing train

Departing from Sapa town, Muong Hoa train is a journey designed by the world’s leading architect Bill Bensley. An ancient, small train with a length of only 20m will take visitors from Sapa town through the beautiful Muong Hoa valley to the Fansipan cable car station. The journey only lasts 7 minutes, but surely you will fully enjoy the majestic and poetic Northwest nature mixed with the creative achievements of people.

With its beauty and charm, Muong Hoa mountain railway has appeared in the Art of Travel advertising campaign of the famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

Tầu hỏa leo núi Mường Hoa

Explore the cultural and spiritual complex of Fansipan Legend

At the place where heaven and earth harmonize and spiritual energies converge, the Fansipan Legend spiritual cultural complex consists of 12 spiritual architectural works stretching from the height of 1,600m to the top of Fansipan, which is a unique and peaceful worship for each tourist.

What to eat at Sun World Fansipan? and where?

De la Coupole Sapa

Coming to Sapa, you will have a lot of hotel options, but De la Coupole Sapa is a very worthwhile suggestion to experience. Designed by the world’s leading architect, the king of resorts, Bill Bensley, De la Coupole Sapa Hotel is the intersection between colorful beauty in traditional Northwestern costumes and design style. Indochine, the design style leaves a bold impression in the misty towns of Sapa.

Learn more: Hotel De la Coupole Sapa

List of restaurants at Sun World Fansipan Legend

Hai Cang Restaurant

At an altitude of more than 2700m, Hai Cang Restaurant on the 1st floor of Fansipan Arrival Station offers convenient and light snacks such as Pizza, Hamburger, Spaghetti, crispy chicken wings, delicious clay pot rice, etc.

Van Sam restaurant

Located in the departure station complex, Van Sam restaurant offers a traditional culinary space in the Northwest with flavors of the mountains and forests: chicken, pork, kitchen buffalo meat, sturgeon, fragrant grilled rice with salt and sesame, etc.

Du Soleil Coffee

Arriving at Fasipan station, you will come to Du Soleil restaurant where you can enjoy hot drinks such as: Ginger lemongrass honey tea, Apple cinnamon tea, Artichoke tea and teas with cakes, etc. And you can sit next to the windows overlooking Muong Hoa valley

Van Son tea shop

Located at the spiritual complex on Fansipan nail, Van Son tea shop is a peaceful destination for tourists who want to meditate and admire the Northwest sky with a cup of traditional tea.

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