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Sun World is the leading theme park brand of Sun Group, an important entertainment puzzle piece that helps to complete the busy and vibrant tourism picture. Officially launched in 2016 until now, after only 5 years, Sun World brand has been present in 07 tourist centers across the country and is a must-visit place for every visitor when coming to Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Ha Long. , Cat Ba…

Sun World

Sun World brand is present in 7 provinces and cities in Vietnam

The history story of Sun World brand

The first complex of tourism and entertainment developed by Sun Group is called Ba Na Hills. At that time in 2009, Sun Group did not have its own entertainment brand but took the place name to name the tourism area. Right after the launch, Ba Na Hills has achieved a lot of success with thousands of visitors every year. The number of tourists continuously increases each year and most recently, the number of tourists choosing Ba Na has reached more than 8 million visitors, of which 20% are international tourists.

Following the success momentum at Ba Na Hills, in 2014 Sun Group officially launched the Asia Park complex. Asia Park is the first step towards an independent and separate entertainment brand from other resort brands of the group. Owning a location in the center of Da Nang city, an area of up to 86 hectares and many modern entertainment complexes, since the launch of Asia Park, it has been a great echo confirming the tourism attraction potential of the amusement park chain.

On June 25th, 2016 Sun World brand was officially launched with Sun World Ha Long Park themed amusement park complex. Covering an area of 214 hectares, Sun World Ha Long Park is the largest park in Southeast Asia. Coming to Sun World Ha Long, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of thrilling games at Dragon Park or immerse themselves in water activities at Typhoon Water Park or simply rather than a room to see the whole natural wonder of Ha Long on the Queen cable car or the Sun Wheel.

Right after that, in 2016 Sun Group once again expressed its desire to conquer a new land and open up the tourism potential of Lao Cai city with the Sun World Fansipan Legend complex, the amusement park complex owns 02 Guinness records: The three-wire cable car system has the largest difference between the departure and arrival stations in the world (1,410m), the longest three-wire cable car in the world (6,292.5m)

Lịch sử Sun World

On February 4th, 2018, after 4 years of laying the first bricks at Phu Quoc pearl island, the cable car complex and Sun World Hon Thom park was officially launched. Right after the launch of Sun World Hon Thom cable car complex, it recorded its name in the Guinness Book of Records with the category of the world’s longest 3-wire cable car across the sea (7,899.9m).

Also with a 2-year cycle, in 2020, Sun Group has simultaneously launched 2 Sun World cable car complexes, namely Sun World Ba Den Mountain and Sun World Cat Ba Cable Car, two new cable car complexes in which Sun World Cat Ba is expected to break the record of the world’s first sea-crossing cable car route with a total length of up to 21.5km.

Outstanding common points at Sun World

Cáp Treo Sun World

Cable car is one of the most prominent common features and is always associated with the Sun World brand. Right from the first Sun World projects, cable cars have helped visitors have smoother journeys and especially moments of viewing the beautiful panorama of Vietnam’s nature from above.

Vòng quay Sun Wheel

In addition to the exciting cable car journeys, Sun Wheel is also the highlight of the experience at each Sun World park complex. Located in a central location, each Sun Wheel rotation will bring visitors to the highest point of the park to enjoy the most majestic views.

Du lịch tâm linh Sun World

Spiritual tourism is a new experience at Sun World parks where visitors can find their own space of peace in addition to peaceful wishes for friends, relatives and family.

Awards and Records

Year Park Unit Award
2020 Sun World Ba Na Hills Vietnam’s leading theme park World Travel Awards
2020 Sun World Ba Na Hills Asia’s leading theme park World Travel Awards
2020 Sun World Fansipan Legend Top tourist attraction in Vietnam World Travel Awards
2020 Công viên nước Aquatopia (Sun World Hòn Thơm Nature Park) Asia’s leading water park World Travel Awards
2019 Sun World Ha Long Complex The best tourist and entertainment area in Vietnam Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
2019 Sun World Ba Na Hills The best tourist and entertainment area in Vietnam Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
2019 Sun World Fansipan Legend The world’s top cultural tourist destination World Travel Awards
2018 Golden Bridge (Sun World Ba Na Hills) Top 5 special awards of the year The Guide Awards
2018 Ba Na Hills Golf Club (Sun World Bà Nà Hills) Best golf course in Asia World Travel Awards
2018 Ba Na Hills Golf Club (Sun World Bà Nà Hills) SThe best golf course in Vietnam World Travel Awards
2018 Sun World Ba Na Hills Top tourist attraction in Vietnam Vietnam Timeless Charm


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