Sunset Town – Phu Quoc Island

Surely many clients and investors are familiar with the name “Mediterranean town”, a town which is always colorful and enchantingly beautiful in the south of Phu Quoc island. However, with continuous development and an ambition to reach out to the world, Sun Group recently officially changed the name of the old town to Sunset Town – Sunset Town Phu Quoc.

The story of the formation of Sunset Town in the south of Phu Quoc island

Sun Group officially built its first project on Phu Quoc pearl island in 2015 but it was not until 2018 that the first sketches, the first perspective images of a town with houses, the new town rising from the steep cliffs on the beach have been officially introduced by Sun Group. The first project that started for Dia Trung Hai town at that time was the Sun Premier Village Primavera commercial townhouse complex.

Also in 2018, three tourist icon complexes at Sunset Town Phu Quoc were simultaneously started by investor Sun Group. That is the central clock tower, the monumental Sun Signature Show water music stage, the symbol of Marriage Proposal, a must-see destination for every visitor when coming to Phu Quoc in general and to Sunset town in particular.

By 2021, when the Mediterranean town has been a tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, Sun Group has once again created a big buzz in the field of tourism and real estate when officially announced and launched The Center project, a project complex located in parallel with Sun Premier Village Primavera. As soon as it was launched, many investors showed great interest in the project because of the homogenous Mediterranean architectural style and because it was the first apartment product launched and introduced in Phu Quoc by Sun Group. However, if only that was the case, the old Mediterranean town and Sunset Town of the present would not be so beautiful and enchanting.

Sunset Town Phu Quoc of the present

In addition to the sale of new real estate projects, Sun Group also constantly beautifies and puts on Sunset Town colorful new shirts. Hundreds of architectural works of art: Shell Square, Trevi fountain, Obelisk tower stone pen, Eden garden, Dragon ladder, Amalfi waterfall, Isola Bella island, etc. have been continuously added by Sun Group and is the check-in destination of millions of tourists every year.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the current Sunset Town appears as a paradise town where there is a great favor of nature of his blue sea, white sand, poetic purple sunset, and along with it are the Icons built day by day and beautified hour by hour by Sun Group.

Check-in places not to be missed at Sunset Town Phu Quoc

Station to An Thoi (Hon Thom Cable Car)
Venice Clock Tower
Central Village
Beach & Teatro Club
Pompeii Ruins
Sun Signature Gallery
Kiss Bridge (Kiss Bridge)
Kiss The Stars Show
Ancient bell tower
Dragon Ladder
The best RuNam Cafe in Phu Quoc
Arc de Triomphe Gavi
Ceramic road
Hon Thom cable car
Shell Square
Obelisks Tower Stone Pen
Spanish Steps
Sim flower hill and Than Kim Giao square
Sun Square
Art murals

List of real estate projects in Sunset Town Phu Quoc

The Center townhouse

Scale: 5.8 hectares
Product type: Commercial townhouse
Construction started in 2021 – Completed in the third quarter of 2022

Hillside Residences apartment

Scale: 1.8 hectares
Product type: commercial apartment
Construction started in 2021 – Completed in the third quarter of 2022

Sun Premier Village Primavera

Scale: 5.8 hectares
Product type: Commercial townhouse
Started 2018 – Completed 2019

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