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Sun Grand City the natural living space right in the center of Hanoi

After several successful series in the fields of convalescence real estate, tourism and entertainment in every part of the S-shape land from Sapa, Halong, Danang to Phuquoc. Furthermore, with the expectation to enrich our prestige, Sun Group decided to introduce the segment of commercial housing for the first time in our history in Hanoi with the project called Sun Grand City – 69B Thuy Khue.

Sun Grand Thụy Khuê

Sun Grand City – Thuy Khue Residence is the project that heritages and continues the quintessence of our capital – the land that possesses a thousand years of civilization. The areas that have been chosen for this project is considered being a breeding ground in term of the highest standard of living in the capital since it directs to 500ha of the azure West Lake and it leans on 10ha of green trees in Bach Thao Park. Furthermore, it can easily connect with the planned Bach Thao Station, with many shopping centres, embassies, offices, schools, hospitals, luxury restaurants, amusement parks and health care services.

With the scale of approximately 1,6ha, Sun Grand City – Thuy Khue Residence project reserves 45% of its areas for landscapes, squares and opening roads on scheme. It is the combination of a 4-floor shopping center, 3 floors of A-class offices, 4 floors of high-ground car parks and 519 high-class apartments. The height of each apartment is up to 3.6m and 6.5m for penthouse is the beginning of the luxurious and lavish lifestyle.

With the anticipation to bring the natural environment to each living space, each apartment is particularly designed to maximize the sight to West Lake and Bach Thao Park. The natural element between light system and ventilation is always prioritized and reasonably applied. Additionally, international standards are strictly applied to finish materials and the most famous and expensive brands are used for wall-mounted devices in these apartments.

Indulging in the blue water of the standardized four-season pool or rehabbing energy perfectly with the fitness center or enjoying a luxury dinner at the outdoor restaurant will certainly bring relaxation, source of emotions and never-ending source of energy.

Bringing the mission to establish a perpetual value existing in the flamboyant capital city, Sun Grand City – Thuy Khue Residence gathers the prestige of the present, the prosperousness of the future, hence it hopefully comes up with a worthy city and a civilized and modernized community. It appears when the ordinary calmness of the nature meets the sublimation of the living style, and when each living moment is meaningful and respectful.

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