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Sun Group Mission & Vision


With a defining criterion of “Quality Luxury Difference”, Sun Group’s aim is to create timeless, influential developments as well as offer high quality products and services in travel and entertainment, not only to upgrade the tourism industry and put Vietnam on the world map, but also to improve the quality of life for Vietnamese people and make our nation richer and more beautiful

Building a sustainable, prestigious and internationally recognized brand name to contribute to making Vietnam one of the most attractive tourism destinations in the world


Sun Group continually strives to be a Vietnamese private enterprise of international scale with strategic investments in Travel & Leisure, Entertainment and Recreations. Real estate and Construction.


These represent Sun Group’s core values since its establishment and throughout its development. This system of values has been a crucial part of Sun Group’s leaders collective mission to create timeless landmarks and masterpieces in Vietnam.

Loyal & Honest: Sun Group’s people consistently apply these core values in each and every project. They respect the truth, they are honest and always ready to take responsibility in their work. This helps Sun Group to gain customer’s trust and cement the group’s leading position in the market.

Enthusiasm: With the utmost devotion to our work, we’ve constantly managed to challenge new heights in our field, ones thought to be impossible. With a risk-taking and responsibly willing mindset, we are able to create unique world-class masterpieces.

Human: Both Sun Group’s humanity and human touch play an extremely important part in our every action. Our projects always consider human values most especially to ensure they bring far-reaching and positive benefit to the local community.

Creative: Sun Group understands that “difference” is a crucial element for ensuring the ongoing and stable success of the business. Our creativity ensures Sun Group stands apart from other groups working in the same area. By striving for difference, our unique projects also brings customers (local as well as international travelers) high-class, luxury products.

Professional: Sun Group operates on the basis of constantly treating our investors, partners and customers with the greatest respect. This is expressed through our actions, from creating high-quality projects, our rate of progress to the the exemplary professional spirit of Sun Group. The great appreciation of our partners as well as customers highlights the group’s highly professional way of doing business.

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